Londinium was one of the first recorded names of London, England. The city was a major port city as it was established on the banks of the River Thames. Londinium became a major Roman city as almost all major roads around Europe lead to the city. Eventually Rome had begun to fall and troops were called back to the city and left Londinium vacant. Also raids by Celts, Picts, and Saxons, among others, also helped to create the downfall of Roman rule. Londinium came under Anglo-Saxon rule that included the rule of King Alfred the Great and so on. London has become one of the historic cities in the world.

This was my second trip to London and it sure did not disappoint. However, to get to London took Erika (my friend & travel partner) and I two days longer than it was suppose to. Now, in Canada the weather is generally pretty good at the end of April, but where we are situated, in Northwestern Ontario, the weather is incredibly unpredictable and it tends to snow anytime of year. So for two whole days it rained. But not normal rain: freezing rain. Usually, the city and the airport can handle it, but this year was bad. So Erika and I and our travel agent were scrambling to get us on a flight out of the city to Toronto. However, we didn’t end up leaving the city until Friday morning and arriving in London by Saturday morning losing an entire day.

Our first day we spent walking around the city. It was definitely a long day, but I loved just walking around the streets and seeing places I hadn’t seen before. We visited Somerset House, St Paul’s Cathedral, Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace, London Eye, Westminster Abbey and the Parliament buildings. I was surprised to see how much I had remembered from my trip last year, but using the tube system this year was so much easier. I honestly love the tube, it’s one of the reasons I love London so much.

IMG_2586Somerset House

We walked around Covent Garden, which by the way is gorgeous. I love how all of the streets are cobblestones and all the old architecture.

IMG_2582Covent Garden

We walked and walked and walked. I felt like my legs were going to fall off. But it was totally worth it. I find that London is one of those cities that no matter how far you walk or where you end up you will always find something incredibly beautiful to look at. Whether it is a building or a street or a bridge, London is a city loaded with history and charm that burns brightly throughout.

IMG_2591St. Paul’s Cathedral

This was just the beginning of our adventure and London never disappoints.



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